In order to survive the HIVE Festival unharmed, we have defined some rules in consultation with the health department of the district. These rules are always based on the current infection situation and we will always keep you up to date about any changes.

– All festival visitors must arrive with a current negative rapid test / citizen test. All non-vaccinated visitors will be additionally tested upon arrival.

– All festival visitors* will be tested regularly at the festival for the SARS-CoV- 2 virus. All fully vaccinated and/or recovered individuals are exempt from testing.

– Mouth-to-nose coverings are mandatory in enclosed areas and places where a minimum distance cannot be maintained. This includes, but is not limited to, the box office and admission areas at the festival, restrooms, and store and food areas.

– Please pay attention to the signs and your fellow attendees. Also listen to the instructions of our crew members and try to create a safe space for everyone. Only if we stick to the rules a common coexistence is possible.


The measures are always based on the current infection situation and unfortunately cannot be predicted by us. We have already worked out a comprehensive hygiene concept and are currently talking to the local health department. We will give you more detailed information soon