On our premises as everywhere else on this planet: respect your fellow human beings and look out for each other. In order to guarantee the best possible coexistence, we ask you to pay attention to the following points:


Any kind of discrimination & violence have no place on the festivals and will be punished with an immediate expulsion.

Please leave your own equipment at home! There is enough loud music at the festival and the camping area should be used for recreation.

Please leave generators at home! These devices are not only loud, but also bad for the environment. The same goes for fireworks and pyrotechnics of any kind.

Please do not make campfires and leave the grill at home! On the food court you will find a variety of delicacies and even with a gas stove you can conjure up great 5-course menus!

Please leave your sky lanterns at home! At the latest after the tragedy a few years ago we should all know why!

Laser pointers have just as little weapons to look for something on the festival area!

Please keep all marked escape routes for paramedics and fire department always free!