6 Stages, 200+ DJ’s
56h non-stop Full Madness
Techno – Hitech - Psytrance -

14. – 16. July 2023​



Ferropolis – The „city of iron“ is located between Leipzig and Berlin near the small town of Gräfenhainichen. Lignite has been mined here since 1957. Since the turn of the millennium, not only has Lake Gremmin been created, which provides cooling in the hot festival summer, but Ferropolis is also one of the most unforgettable event locations in Germany.

The nearest airport is Leipzig/Halle. It is about 1.5 hours by train to Grafenhainichen. Berlin is the second nearest airport and can be reached by train in about 2.5 hours from the festival.

The nearest railway station is Gräfenhainichen (accessible by S-Bahn from Bitterfeld or Wittenberg). From there, shuttle buses run to Ferropolis several times an hour. You can book your tickets via DB.

Those arriving by car or camper van must book a car pass or van pass when purchasing their ticket. You can stay overnight with your vehicle at the Car & Van Camping, which is also open to all other guests. You can reach Ferropolis by car via the B107: The HIVE is located directly behind the exit of Jüdenberg in the direction of Gräfenhainichen. The address of the festival is: Ferropolis – City of Iron Ferropolis Street 1 06773 Gräfenhainichen Arrival via Google Maps!


At the HIVE 2023 you will be able to camp for 4 days in the beautiful nature of the Gremminer See.  We will open the gates of the campsite on Thursday at 16:00 and it will be open until Monday at 14:00. You can pitch your tent right next to your car or camper van. Please remember to buy a car or van pass from the ticket shop if you want to arrive with your vehicle.

Don’t want to carry a lot of equipment and prefer to stay in a ready-made tent? Then our Easy Camping is for you! The area is set up and run by Festitent. There are different packages depending on the size of your crew, a small exclusive campsite and a 24-hour reception to help you with any questions or problems. You can find all the information on the Festitent website.


All tickets must be personalised. Tickets can be personalised via the button in the confirmation email: „personal area: this way“. If you have bought a group ticket, you do not have to arrive as a group, but can also appear individually at the ticket office.

If your ticket does not arrive in your mailbox after payment, please check your spam folder. If that doesn’t help either, feel free to email

There are no day tickets planned. The ticket price at the box office will be lowered gradually. We can’t give exact details in advance.

To visit the festival you have to be at least 18 years old.

There will be a bar with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks on each floor. On our food court and in the chillout spaces, there will be a variety of drinks from smoothies to chai teas and various coffee specialities.

There are water points on the festival grounds. These are signposted on the grounds. You will also find them on the site plans. Please remember to drink enough and look out for your fellow human beings.

To keep our environment as clean as possible, a deposit is charged on all drinks at the bar.

There will be a diverse range of food stalls at our Marketplace. There will also be vegan and vegetarian food, so there is something for everyone.

On our grounds, as everywhere else in the world, the following applies: Respect your fellow human beings and show consideration for one another. In order to ensure the best possible coexistence, we ask you to observe the following points:

  • Any form of discrimination & violence has no place at the festival and will be punished with immediate expulsion.
  • Please leave your own stereos at home! There is enough loud music at the festival and the camping area is meant for recreation.
  • Please leave generators at home! These devices are not only loud, but also bad for the environment. The same goes for fireworks, sky lanterns and    pyrotechnics of all kinds.
  • Please do not make campfires and leave the barbecue at home! There are lots of tasty treats at the food court and great 5-course meals can also be conjured up with a gas cooker!
  • Laser pointers and weapons have no place on the festival grounds!
  • Please keep all marked escape routes free for paramedics and fire brigade!

Paramedics will be available around the clock on the grounds. If you notice that someone is not feeling well, please do not hesitate to approach them and offer your help. If they accept, please actively approach the people at the bar or the security guards. We have radios at all bars to contact the paramedics as soon as possible.

There will be a Lost & Found and an Infopoint in the infield of the festival area. If you miss something or have questions, you can visit us here around the clock.

Please use the rubbish bins provided and keep your environment clean. We will charge a deposit at the entrance to the site, which will be refunded when you return your rubbish.

Photography and filming is permitted on the festival grounds. However, please be considerate of your fellow human beings and do not film or photograph other people. However, if you accidentally take a great photo of a stranger, actively approach them and ask for permission. Please respect the privacy and freedom of others.

As much as we love dogs and children, we know that a noisy festival is not the right place for them. Unfortunately, it will be a few more years before you can take your pets onto the grounds and we are big enough to create suitable places for them.